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Originally posted by justin
Or I suppose I could make it encode it differently so the old version
ignores it, hmm...
Justin, just embed it. If I'm not mistaken, each object in the AVS file has a header ID of 4 bytes, followed by the size in bytes (LongInt). Couldn't you just increase the size value? Or does AVS actually care more about the Null termination rather than the specified size?

And Atero, it's actually AVS 2.6 using Winamp's window system. So it's kind of both involved, as to remove it requires hacking winamp.exe, which is more dangerous than vis_avs.dll. Unless you just put the old code back in, heh good luck!

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That's what I meant. Instead of fucking with WA, just get rid of the use of WA's windows. It's useless and stupid and there's no reason it should be there in the first place.

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