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Go Ahead, Steal The Car You Moron

St. Louis County Police want everyone to know about they're bait car program. Bait cars are bait for car thieves parked in high theft areas countywide.

What happens when one of these cars is stolen?

Here's what happens when two young women decide to steal a car. They get in the car and laugh.

The driver and passenger initially thought the car was a break down; they are absolutely hysterical when they realize it runs well.

The driver quickly decides to hide the car, and try and make it her own.

“They changed the license plates and went to great lengths to try to conceal the car,” says Sgt. Time Silver with the county police.

For more than four hours they scrape stickers and remove the trash, then at 5:30 p.m. the driver decides to load up her three young children and passenger and take the car out on the open road. First she comes up with her alibi.

“If we get pulled over the home boys gave us this car,” she tells her passenger.

The driver is nervous as they hit the road, especially when she sees her first cop.

It doesn’t take long before an army of police are behind the stolen bait car.

Police disable the bait car remotely and lock the doors, and the two women are arrested the children taken by police.

The driver Katrina Williams, 21, is charged with auto theft. Her passenger who is a juvenile is referred to family court.

Police are stunned when they review this tape. First the jubilation as the car is being stolen and the contract to hours later getting caught.

Williams is facing jail time for the theft. This month she has skipped two court dates, now she's a fugitive with a $70,000 cash bond upon her capture.

County police are now making they're undercover operations public, placing posters in convenience stores and school resource offices area wide.

They are trying to curb auto theft and get the message out to thieves that nothing comes easy, including a car.

Both St. Louis city and county police started the bait car program a few years ago. Thieves steal about one bait car every month.

The St. Louis County Fugitive Team continues searching for Katrina Williams.


Haha, dumbasses.

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Wasn't there some kind of (more violent) anti-theft device like that in Robocop?

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