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No beat movement

I just installed Winamp and Milkdrop on my new pc (Vista Ultimate 64 bit). Milkdrop will run but does not respond to beats in the sound and also when I transition one effect to the next sometimes it makes the transition and sometimes the screen stays black. Any ideas? Thanks
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Milkdrop needs 10-30 seconds when you open it to process your preset list, if you interrupt it before it's done sometimes the music detection (beat detection, waveforms and everything else that depends on music) won't work properly. If that happens you have to close Winamp and open it again.

The screen staying black could mean it's transitioning to a preset that uses a pixel shader version that your graphics card doesn't support. Or it could be related to your first problem, in that a preset is relying on some music driven effects and without them it stays blank.

I'm not sure if there's any problems running Milkdrop in 64 bit Vista, a lot of programs have a hard time running properly. Maybe someone else knows more about that.

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