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Cpu/GPU specs


I'm about to build an mp3 jukebox and I want to output milkdrop to my 34inch hdtv. I suppose output res will be 1280x720?

Right now, I have old athlon xp 1800+,kr7a mobo, 768megs ram combo sitting around the house. I was going to pick up a radeon 9550 gpu for the dual output.

If I did a complete reformat and just used that hardware would it run well?

If not, what cpu/gpu do I need to have this looking nice?

Thank you very much
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that would probably run MD pretty well at that resolution. MD doesn't realy make too much use of video card accelerated functions, C so CPU power is most important for good MD framerates. A 9550 should be fine as the video card, I would recommend a faster CPU if you want to make sure that every preset runs at 60fps, RAM isn't so important for MD, 256 would be more than enough.
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