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BetaBrite LED Sign to Scroll Current Song Title plug in


I have been using winamp for nearly 10 years, and have read lots of these forums, but am a first time poster.

My Posting subject says everything I would like to do. I have a betabrite or betabright LED sign that I would like to have scroll the song title that is currently playing. I know this question has been posted before, but I cant find a plug-in that does what I want. I did find one to run a LCD panel for a htpc or in a car but those function slightly differently than my betabrite, and has too much stuff in it anyway

copy and paste the urls in the address bar and replace xx with tt in http to go to the website.


Mccoy178 wanted to do exactly what I want, but never got anywhere.


Jgildert did what I want, but never posted code or a plug-in to get there.


Something similar

There are a couple programs that do control the sign from windows. It is connected via a serial port.


that site has a program called LEDSignHelloWorld to test my sign very simply, and it works great. I also use kitchi to us my sign as a news ticker.


there is a great writeup about writing a program to control a sign in .net.

If someone can point me to a plug-in that already does what I want, or can throw together a plug-in that does this I would be greatly appreciative.

I know NOTHING about programming, but I do know what I want in this project. If you need any more information, let me know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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