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Queue Song From External Script

Here is a small script done in AutoIt to help you send a song to Winamp's queue using SendMessage routine.

I need that to use and old Smartphone as my bluetooth remote control. I am using an application no longer supported (PuppetMaster) and I need this script to reach my goal.

The playlist will not be usable while the script runs (very fast) with a mouse or keyboard, but when using a remote you are supposely away from the computer. The fact is that this is a "keyboard simulation" script.

Usage :
winampplq.au3 [SONG INDEX] or
winampplq.exe [SONG INDEX]

Have fun friends..! As I did doing it..
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AutoIt Script

#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <SendMessage.au3>
#include <Misc.au3>

;This script was written by Daniel Godin in 2014
;Feel free to use it

;Usage is simple; Just past the playlist song index of the file to queue-"Q" as the commandline parameter
; EX : winamppl.au3 544
; would send to queue the song at index 544 of your actual playlist

If $CmdLine[0] = 0 Then Exit (1) ;check if a song index passed in command line

while _Singleton(@ScriptName, 1) = 0 ;check to run ONE instance of this script at a time
sleep(500) ;if already running, wait for his turn

local $newpos=0 ;The index of the song in actual playlist you want to QUEUE-"Q"
local $plsize=0 ;Playlist Length
Local $hWnd = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Winamp v1.x]") ;Find Winamp Window
Local $hWnd1 = WinGetHandle("[CLASS:Winamp PE]") ;Find Playlist Window
if $hwnd = 0 or $hwnd1 =0 Then
Exit (1) ;Nothing found .. exit!

Local $plsize=_SendMessage($hwnd, 0x400, 0, 124) ;Get playlist length


func HackWinampPL ()

if($cmdline[1]<$plsize and $cmdline[1] > 0) Then ;Make sure the index to queue is in the playlist range
Exit (1)


_SendMessage($hwnd1, 0x400, 105, _WinAPI_MakeLong ( $plsize-1, $newpos)) ;Switch the index to queue at the end of the playlist

;Shake the playlist to make sure the cursor is going on the last song (the one to queue)

_SendMessage($hwnd1,0x111, 0x19D49, 0) ;PAGEDOWN
_SendMessage($hwnd1,0x111, 0x19D62, 0) ;ARROW DOWN

_SendMessage($hwnd1,0x111, 0x1350, 0) ;QUEUE THE FILE BY SENDING "Q"

_SendMessage($hwnd1, 0x400, 105, _WinAPI_MakeLong ( $newpos, $plsize-1 )) ;Let's put back the queued song at its orignal place in the playlist (Switching)

;Shake the playlist to make sure the cursor is going away from the end of the playlist (else it can bug if another song is queued right after)

_SendMessage($hwnd1,0x111, 0x19D48, 0) ;PAGEUP
_SendMessage($hwnd1,0x111, 0x19D61, 0) ;ARROW UP

_SendMessage($hwnd1,0x111, 0x19DC9, 0) ;Finally a SPACEBAR to refresh playlist view on the actual playing song

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