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Queue Commands

Feature request, not sure if its the right forum but here it goes anyway.

I've been thinking about this for awhile now, but was wondering what would it take to get Winamp to be able to use the queue manager to issue commands to the player?

For example: I queue up a few songs before I leave the house and have Winamp shut down after I leave. But sometimes what I'd really like to be able to do is simple things like turn the volume down to 10% or adjust the preamp before/after a specific song.

And instead of only seeing the "on end of queue" option in the right click menu the queue manager would show the command in the list like any of the audio tracks... i.e <STOP Winamp> or <Volume:10%>

Even just showing the built in end of queue command in the window would be convenient, as I sometimes double up and not realize I turned it off.

I'm not sure of all the commands that would be beneficial but being able to queue up a few basic commands for the player would be very beneficial.

I've been using Winamp for the past 15 years now and its still by far the best music player out there. Thanks to anyone who's contributed to that.
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Durrrrr... of course I see the wishlist forum immediately after I posted. If a mod could move it for me that'd be much appreciated.
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the only option is to try to see if the old activewinamp plug-in works for you and try to use that to script things somehow. but for the places you're asking for it to be added into, that's unlikely going to happen as i've essentially stopped working on the plug-in that provides the queue functionality you're referring to.
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