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Winamp outputting Alesis Multimix4 USB (recording)

Firstly, I apologize if this problem has been brought up before. I've been frantically searching the internet and trying several "solutions" for the past few hours and none of them seem to work for my issue.

I just recently started co-hosting my friend's Stickam broadcast. Up until today I had Stickam set up to receive audio from the "stereo mix" in Windows 7. I'm sure we all know what that means, ALL audio on my computer would come through the broadcast. So today I went and bought a USB mixer, an Alesis MultiMix 4, because I only want to broadcast music from Winamp and my microphone.

I'm not having any issues with Winamp outputting to the mixer itself. I can plug my headphones into the mixer and I hear Winamp and my microphone with no problem, it sounds great! However, when I select the USB Audio codec in Stickam, the broadcast is only picking up the microphone. When I open the sound control panel in Windows, I only get a level from Winamp through the USB audio codec under Playback devices. Under recording devices, the USB audio codec is only getting a level from my microphone, and is not picking up Winamp at all. If I were to just run a line from the mixer to my line-in, I can hear both, but I'd like to just stick with the USB audio. I guess, basically I want to output Winamp to a Recording device.

My co-host had the exact same issue when he first set up his USB mixer, but what was a long time ago and he can't remember what he did to solve the problem. I'm completely clueless as to what is causing this issue, hoping someone here may have a solution. Any tips?
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Well, I've made some progress on this issue, but it kind of reverses my problem. If I turn the mixer off, Winamp will output to the "recording device" of the USB audio codec. Of course, then I'm not getting any levels from any of the channels(mic, etc). So I guess somehow I need to make Winamp think my mixer is turned off when it's actually not?
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