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Do you know the best way to choose a tattoo design?

Share with you guys 7 tips to choose a tattoo design.

Thinking back of several years ago. If you had owned a tattoo back then, what would it most possibly have been? If you don't like the idea of having that on your body, never ever get a tattoo now. its likely that, in 10 years, you'll regret getting it.

Think forward, as well. Is your tattoo going to look good even when you're wrinkled? Chances are, a rose tattoo won't.

The number one tattoos that artists are asked to cover up, after homemade tattoos, are NAMES. If the person is not dead, or your child, names are usually not your best choice.

Asian characters are a popular choice, as it is a way to get a meaning in a design. The tattoo studio walls are not the place to trust when looking for a character. Many have double meanings, nuances, things that may give an impression that wasn't intended.

Often members of a family will get matching or complimentary tattoos. Often, younger generations will incorporate elements of older family members tattoos in their own designs.

A band, TV show, or comic book character you love today may not be something you want to carry around forever on your skin. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo such, think about how big of an impact it had on you. If you've fallen in and out with others like this, then wait a few years before you decide to get it. But, if it made you have hope in a rough time in your life, helped you find out who you were or something along those lines, then it would be better.

Don't be afraid to get a tattoo that doesn't have a deep meaning if you love the design. If you love Winnie the Pooh enough to look at him forever, get that pooh bear......

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The best way to choose a tattoo design is to seek advice on the Winamp Forums.

"My heart hates uggos." –J.D.
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nah, the best advice is to go to url submitted by user.
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Take the person you have dated for the last two weeks and put his/her name somewhere where removing it by laser would really, really hurt!
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Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever
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Pushing my late 40's, I'm looking at my contemporaries wishing they never got a tat. That's at least the ones that don't ride a Harley or deal meth. This is especially true with women. Personally, I can't live with a painting on the wall for a year. Condemned to long sleeve shirts?

In mature society, tat=dirt bag. I wouldn't. I'm glad I didn't. Lasering them off isn't cheap and usually leaves a scar.

I have not met the woman that had teeth, and is over 30, who liked her "tramp stamp".

If you must, I would do it somewhere easily hidden. Perhaps ankles.

Tattoo art has come a long way from when I was a kid. It will, at age 30, make you an outcast or the topic of conversation in circles you might want to engage in.

In my day, long hair, flammable polyester disco shirts, dago boots and bell bottoms expressed our rebellion. These sorta were reversible

Men get the same look. What prison were you in? Too fat? Too tall? Tats? You'll have enough trouble escaping stereotypes. Your success is often how generic you can be.

I ain't nice. It is true. Uncannily, having been programmed for tolerance and open mindedness, bigotry and intolerance is alive and well in the generation reaching it's majority now.

It would be highly politically incorrect to judge people based on race. But if you are tatted up, smoke, are too tall or too fat....... you're fair game.

At 48, nobody thinks the "bad boy" or "bad girl" is anyone they wanted to know. My skin is still pretty. I'm glad I left it alone.
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Something I've never wanted myself.

Commenting on tattoos I've seen - go for something light and delicate with plenty of white space(skin) in it. Avoid the sort of thing that looks like it's been filled in with felt tip pens, they look like crap after ten years.

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only tat i could ever seriously consider getting would be a barcode on the back of my neck partially under my shirt collar.

will it ever happen? nope.
would it be a cool social and political statement that i would understand far better than most who'd see it? fuck yeah.
is it just a fantasy? kinda sorta, i might actually do it if it wouldn't degrade over the years, but it's not making the bucket list so far.

I hate everyone, so you don't have to.
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Although I love WoTL's suggestion, I'll go with something subtle for ya' like
Easy to remove later.
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