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disconnecting reconnecting

having problems when trying to broadcast on shoutcast, i keep getting this error: disconnected, reconnecting... it wont do anything further, any help is appreciated
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if it's your source doing that, the password is likely incorrect. that will also happen if your source connection details are wrong, and you're finding a server. just not your dnas.

if you're trying to listen, your player's user agent (or its IP address) may be banned by the server you are trying to listen to.

more details would get less speculative answers.
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thanks but still confused??

heres what i have it set up like

config: default

protocol: shoutcast encoding quality 128 kbps

server is master.shoutcast.com

port 8000

log in :source

password: "mypassword":#"my stream id"

this is what i have word for word. the pass im entering is the same as what i use to log into shoutcast, now i have attempted to change the password but i dont believe it took because any attempt outside of using my origional pass just flat out tells me its wrong. advise or suggestions? also when i origionally started doing broadcasts i was using my desk top but its gone down on me since and im using my laptop now. is this an issue?
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