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So Winamp is going away... It's a shame (also, I got some presets)

I'm just hearing about this today, that Nullsoft (or should I say AOL), is discontinuing Winamp. Since MilkDrop was the MAIN reason I used Winamp, I thought I'd give you guys some presets I revised.

Also, since I'm on Linux and can't really edit the presets to be compliant with other's MilkDrop installs.

This is obviously a remix, and this is one I have tweaked THE MOST out of every preset I tweaked, because, I'll be honest, I'm not a programmer. I'm studying to be one, but I have limited skills.

Also, if you want anything else from me, hit this place. At least this link should be futureproof. Yeah it's my SkyDrive but I have all of the presets I have tweaked and made, and if anyone here attempts to use the Wayback Machine, at least this link won't be broken.

I also have textures here: http://sdrv.ms/Sbwce4

and for those who want to know, I am an anime addict, and that's the reason for the anime-like textures.

It was great to know MilkDrop, and I have to thank EVERYONE here for making some of the most baddest-ass visuals I have ever seen. You guys know how to make digital art.
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