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Talking Visited Shoutcast in Cologne, Germany ;)

Hey there,

I've visited Shoutcast / Radionomy / Targetspot / Audiovalley (and what else are there for names of this company) in Cologne, Germany.

Very interesting, what you find there, except only a mailbox.
A private building with a few private households and a (1!) Apartment, about 60 square meters, in which the alleged office should be. According to the letterbox and residents, there are about 7 companies in this "office". However, this "office" has not been visited for over 1.5 years. Residents have also complained that people often drive over there and ask for money (lol).

Statements from residents and neighbors confirm that sometimes only someone picks up post.
When Bruno flew out of the company, at the same time probably the 2 employees who were there, until end of 2017, not show up either. Very funny.

I do not want to worry anyone, but fake addresses or letterbox companies and the current reactions via Facebook, Skype, email in forum and the fact of sales (you can see in the EU), should certainly be worrying.

But I found it interesting how this "company" works like this. Great job!

I'm glad that we have an other partner since 2018. Because Shoutcast owes us over a 6-digit sum of money (from several months).

Stay high friends.

(Who will see pictures of the mailboxes, house etc: PN me! Or as we call in Germany: "BILD sprach zuerst mit dem Briefkasten")

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