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CD database flexibility, and an after-thought.

I assume Winamp uses its own database for CDs because of some contractual issue with Gracenote. If this suggestion isn't impossible for that reason, it would be great to be able to import information from my standard Windows database. As, for instance, this morning, I found disk information on Freedb which the Winamp CDDB didn't have. To have Winamp less isolated in this regard would be extremely useful.

The after-thought is that, as a screen reader user, I'm really happy with the current level of accessibility. It proves that you don't have to compromise your visual interface to make something accessible. The ability to select the "Classic skin", which works with screen reading software makes Winamp available to its blind users, while the rest of the community can get as graphically funky as they like! I very much appreciate this, plus the level of keyboard support available in 2.X, 5.X and, hopefully, in the future. Please don't forget to keep this stuff in.


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The FreeDB thing has been brought up a few times. With Nullsoft's contract with Gracenote they are contractually tied to use CDDB2 and could not use FreeDB, remote or local databases. Hell, I am quite surprised someone hasn't wrote an alternate CD plug-in on their own.
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Sawg - that is not exactly so!
Read forum of AudioGrabber tool, that switched to FreeDB long ago. My personal opinion is that Gracenote just stolen database. Not de jure, alas, but de facto.

I remember i even put a vote to deploy CDReader(with cdplayer.ini and FreeDB supported both) instead of old analogue playing in_cdda.
Alas, digital playing was implemented, but the source was choosen CDDB :-(

Sure, by license they must deploy only CDDB plugin in installer. But....
They (or someone 3rd party) can make plugin for another source, if MediaLibrary API allows that.
So one would uninstall (or never install) CDDB module, and then this copy of WinAmp is free to use any module. And so one can install FreeDB or player.ini or whatever.

The questions are:
1. Has MediaLibrary external API for 3rd party media recognising engines?
2. Are there such engines or some coders that can implement them ?
3. Can MediaPlayer support cddb-id tags in mp3 and ogg ?
They are not official but are used rather often.
Also since there are other engines (MS WMP uses 4 AFAIR) - there ay be another custom tags.
So it is a good feature - but is is hard to design it flexible and reliable at same time, with CD-Ripper-MediaLib-IdPlugin interaction.
4. Can ID plugins (if there is some API, someability to code them) exchange information ?
For exampel, if i downloaded tags from FreeDB, i want store them in my local FreeDB and in my cdplayer.ini ?
Vice versa, if i entered some my CD into windows cdplayer (it is stored in cdplayer.ini) i wish it was possible to send it to FreeDB, if missed there.

To follow Gracenote license, WinAmp is to detect if CDDB module is loaded and disable all the rest, just like it does for in_WMA.
But if i de-installed Gracenote plugin - then i can download and install any other.

Thank You if still reading this long and non-clear emotional message.
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