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Disable Screensaver When Video Starts

Okay, there may not be a fix for this, but here goes. I'm using Winamp to play audio and video files in a playlist for an upcoming party. I'm using the PowerPlayer plugin to handle the video (because frankly it handles it (XVid) much better than Winamp alone - though I understand it's no longer being developed).

I have Winamp configured to disable the screensaver when a video plays. I think, however, that PowerPlayer is preventing Winamp from stopping the screensaver when video starts. I also have tried using it in concert with with Auto Video Fullscreen plugin, no luck. During the party I want the screensaver to come on when there is no video playing - so what I need is either

- another 3rd party plug-in that handles video just as well as PowerPlayer

- a way of configuring things, though I can't believe I haven't tried it, that will work

- or a simple program that will simply move the mouse or send a keystroke when the screensaver is on and the Winamp Video Window is open (that I don't have to be a programmer to operate)

Any help appreciated!
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I think that Winamp video prefs. section only applies to the DShow plugin. Either that or Power Player doesn't report that a video is active correctly.

The Winamp video plugin just uses DirectShow for decoding so it will handle all files just as well as the other programs that use it like WMP, MPC.

If you have problems with video playback I would suggest installing either ffdshow , ffdshow tryouts for Vista, or CCCP (which is ffdshow bundled with some extra things).

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Either one would make sense.

I do have the latest Xvid codec installed but I am running Vista Ultimate (should have mentioned that before) so that could be a factor. Honestly, one of the other reasons I like PowerPlayer is it supports overlays, which is nice, and one of the reasons I'd like to keep it (or something like it).

Upgrading DShow can't hurt though, and would likely clear up the choppy playback I get with Winamp alone (saw that reported under Vista elsewhere in the Forums).

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