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Another Song History Problem

This just started happening when I rebooted my SC server. The sc_hist.log file is showing this:
08/07/01 23:32:45 0
08/07/01 23:33:10 0
08/07/01 23:33:40 1
08/07/01 23:34:10 1

Song names are gone. The history page is showing no song titles.
Anyone have an idea what could be happening? The song titles are the same ones I always had.

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I'm having the same problem

Has any one found an answer to the sc_hist.log only displaying

12/21/01 08:35:52 0
12/21/01 08:36:22 0
12/21/01 08:36:52 0
12/21/01 08:37:22 0
12/21/01 08:37:52 0
12/21/01 08:38:22 0
12/21/01 08:38:52 1
12/21/01 08:39:22 1

It streams the songs but doesn't seem to dreate the song titles in the log.
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Some Problem

I am also have the same problem, but only on my Win2K SC server. The Linux server is logging fine, but the WIndows server drop the song names, although the configurations are identical.
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