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New skin site... lots of big ones here...

Your name might be here. Mine is. I saw quite a few skins I recognized from this community. I don't know if I'll be writing them or not, but some of you may choose to - I just thought I'd let you know this site popped up for me on a search recently.


I wouldn't really care if they would just link it back to my skin here and not provide a download
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They seem to have a Winamp version for the mac. Could this be authentic?
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Good luck to them if they are offering MACamp, the last worked on version of it was dated 15th March 2001, project scrapped not long after that..

/yes, 0.71 was indeed the last worked on version.
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Nice site!
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I've given up getting wound about it. A google search for your skins will turn them up on crappy sites all over the damn net. Best you can do is get philosophical about it, then update all your stuff and only post the updates on the sites where your skins sat originally.

Man, that guy really raided the Jones Skin Archive, didn't he? The joys of being a cheesecake master...
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