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Ripping CDs, random blank tags in mp3s ripped. How to fix this?

Ripping CDs, random blank tags in mp3s ripped. How to fix this?

I'll rip a cd or two, and then go through the list of mp3s, and i'd say 10% of them didn't keep their tag information at all. All the others work fine from the same cd, but 10% have a complete blank in terms of artist, album, song name etc...no rhyme nor reason to w hich ones go blank.

this never used to happen...anyone else going through this? if so how do you fix it?
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I know this has happened to me before; the basic jist of it (as far as I understand) is either incorrect tag data supplied to the Gracenote database (which supplies the tag data if you auto it in Winamp for track ripping) or simply incomplete or limited data regarding that particular CD (or pressing of that CD; given that functionally identical CDs can be pressed in a number of countries, but ripping software and databases recognize them as not being the same from a technical perspective).

First off, assuming you use Winamp straight-through off of the Media Library for ripping, I'd recommend you always do a tag check (highlight the tracks in the main ripping window once the CD is loaded up, and right-click the same way in which you'd change the tags in the Playlist in any other situation) and make sure that all of the tag data meets your desires and requirements (this can be done before ripping begins, which will ensure the tag data is what you want it to be before you actually make the files from your CD). It'll even given you a 'Track Zero' tag before you tag (or re-tag) each individual track, right at the beginning, which will allow you to enter the Artist, Album, Year, Music Type and a couple of other tags I can't clearly remember now, so that all of the actual track tags are supplied with those tags by default, saving you the bother of manually tagging each and every one (I find this really useful, especially if you're dealing with a CD with 15 or more tracks or a 'Various Artists' CD that requires the attention to be put on the Artist and Track Name manually, assuming the tags need it).

Basic recommendation, besides the above, is to always check the tags that will be applied to your final rips before the ripping begins. I know when I started making my digital library from my moderately-large spinner collection, it was tempting as anything to 'conveyor- belt' the ripping process (in my case, I made the first big batch in WMP 10, but the same would be true if you started out with Winamp), and I made the mistake of assuming each CD would wind up properly tagged without making sure beforehand. No worries!

Hope this is of some help. If I've misunderstood your problem, feel free to pop back here and we'll see what else we can do.

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