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I apologize, TomyLobo. My phone line has been kicking me off all f-ing day, so it was a miracle that the new thread wad posted before some joker replied, anyway. Otherwise I would have edited it. Hopefully they will go and check out your deviant site for the full info anyway (newbies who don't know you that is). As far as normalise, I just took what was out there. I forgot all about fluid by Geiss, also.

There it just kicked me offline again. The fifth time in the last half hour. I guess I have to go next door and call the phone company. REALLY frustrating.

Anyway, how is this done? Do we just ask the moderators, 'please delete this thread' (and sticky the new one) or do they make those decisions in their own time, or what?

'A googolplex is precisely as far from infinity as is the number matter what number you have in mind, infinity is larger.' -Carl Sagan
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