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The new site!!!

The new site design has gone live. Please feel free to leave feedback here. Please also provide us with your browser/OS when leaving feedback, so we have the needed info to troubleshoot.

To cut down on the length of this thread I will be deleting suggestions as they get added to the main list. I will also be closing (and eventually deleting) new threads that are started.

On the user section:
N means new, D means flagged for deletion. The user section is still in the works.

A few words of caution:

This is not a place to flame. We openly invite constructive criticism, but this is not an open invite to flame. I have plenty of water and a shiny ban button in case this thread turns into such.


  • Editing the "about" dialog box won't update it.
  • Lots of empty space at header, maybe add an image or gradiant.
  • Verify timezones are correct.(VBulletin doesn't support DST afaik, still being investigated)
  • When you post a message the redirect box isn't centered on the page anymore.
  • Fixed width is not liked.
  • Use rounded corners to make the site look more like winamp modern skin.
  • Quick page changer looks like it says "60" and not "GO"
  • A:link and A:visited are the same color
  • Whenever there is an object in the post that is bigger than the normal size, the width increase happens to the right (aka, it isn't centered)
  • Winamp logo should include "NULLSOFT"
  • Upload timestamp next to plugin/skin. Using the arrows is "confusing"
  • Graphic+Text is overlapping on plugin/skin pages (eg. )
  • Add classic skin to the player image on the main site.
  • If a subject is added to a post, have an extra line break so that it separates the subject and body of a forum post.
  • Layout is broken in some versions of opera. (Skin Search has "page number" centered instead of left justified.)
  • PNG submissions for skins/plug-ins
  • Light background is "horrible" and hard to focus.
  • Top menu should be CSS rather than javascript. Only do javascript if the browser is IE6.
  • Add a style for the input fields because the background color is undefined and the text color is, can cause user theme issues.
  • Images need to be limited to a certain size (but remain clickable) so that it doesn't throw off the page layout.
  • Forum buttons don't look as nice with the new theme.
  • Upgrade to vbb3 or use inline css elements rather than font tags.
  • "Thread Starter" column really wide, the Topic column very small, and all the other columns shifted off the page.
  • On the "Reply to Topic" page the "Topic Review" section looks like a mess; the left column need a standard width.
  • Thread border color should be the same gray color as the border in the forum pages.
  • when user logs out, the forum selection is at the left border.
  • Forum/thread search should be moved to the top of the page.

RESOLVED ITEMS (soon to be deleted from the list)
  • Rate this thread + Admin buttons stick out too far to the right (ratings removed. was applied in error)
  • From field in threads, not wrapping. (fixed)
  • Alternating posts should have more difference in color.(fixed)
  • Rewrite rule to allow old plugin/skin urls to work. (fixed)
  • Custom user titles, not wrapping. (fixed)
  • Sign in button on main page???(fixed)
  • SKINS: most downloaded and best rated section are no longer available.(fixed)
  • is missing?(fixed)
  • Old skin/plugin view for newly uploaded items is gone.(fixed)
  • Player version doesn't list the full version. (5.3 vs 5.35)(fixed)
  • Javascript which notifies users of new private messages. (fixed)
  • Only 50x50 avaters, please make bigger. (fixed)
  • Text looks crunched vertically.(fixed)
  • Text spacing is exact pixel, should be percentage.(fixed)
  • The text at the very bottom of the page when reading a thread in the forums is inconsistent with that of the rest of the forums.(fixed)
  • Forums index text is too small(fixed)
  • Buttons at the bottom of each post should have a different bg color or a border to differentiate between posts.(fixed)
  • Footer text is too small.(fixed)
Thanks for the feedback so far. I'm impressed by all the comments that people have had so far (both good and bad). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please don't PM me for technical support. Other users can't search through PM's so it does the other users no good.
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