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How to add foreign radio station to SHOUTcast?

I'm just a user, listening to online radio stations from time to time.

Usually I'm browsing //www.surfmusik.de/ for radio stations but I very much would like to shift to listen to these stations using Winamp.

However, one of my favourite stations (//www.1000melodien.de/) is not listed on SHOUTcast, and there is no button to suggest this station.

How can I have that station added to SHOUTcast so it will be found and played in Winamp?
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This station is based on Icecast and this is the reason why you can't find it in the shoutcast directory. All stations in the shoutcast directory are using the shoutcast software to stream their music. That is the idea behind the shoutcast directory. But you can add the winamp-link to the stream in your winamp favorites/bookmarks.
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unless the station itself decides to add itself to the directory, it will not be added even if it's a must have station (with how things currently handled).

the fact that station is running on an Icecast setup doesn't prevent it from being listed in the SHOUTcast Directory (though there are some caveats to it which probably aren't an issue now since the experimental support for Icecast based listings was added in October 2013). so having something like the following added to the Icecast config file should allow an Icecast server to be listed...

though it is recommended to use a SHOUTcast DNAS for SHOUTcast Directory listings to ensure the best compatibility with the Directory.
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I have a similar problem with my own radio station. It uses Shoutcast v2, in configuration it is set to be listed in the directory so IN THEORY it should be present there... but it isn't.

Stream: http://4.nadajnik.net:8660/mp3/128
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Paranormalium: that stream is set to private so it will not be listed. also it's using a beta version of the v2 DNAS and is not allowed to be listed in the Directory. if that is something you are running, you need to update to the v2.2.1 release.
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