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I saw in the reviews of Wided 1.00 a question as to what the "up" and "down" controls do. I had the same question and emailed the author, Thomas Busser. Here's his reply:

The purpose of the plug-in is to enhance the stereo (mono/wide and life
buttons) and to keep an almost constant audio volume (controlled by up and
down buttons). The final "volume" button is there to avoid sound saturation.

- mono/wide: the stereo spread, when the needle is at the top, it's regular
stereo, on right it's enhanced
- life: it adds a short delay between mono signal and stereo signal and that
creates the impression of a room. In general I don't use this button, but it
may sound interesting with music like the Beatles or for some jazz
- up & down: the dynamic controller sets the volume higher or lower to
maintain a constant output level, the two buttons control the time it takes
to the gain to go up and down. In general I keep a rather short time for
down, and longer timer for up.
- level: it controls the final amplification. I recommend to leave it -5 to
keep to avoid saturation.

About the uninstallation: Winamp ask developers to use their installer
software unfortunately it doesn't provide a way to uninstall. If you want to
remove the W&D plug-in: close winamp, in the winamp directories there's a
sub directory called "plugins", remove the file "dsp_wd.dll" (wide&dynamix
plugin) and that's it. (For me it's in the directory: "C:\Program
Files\Winamp\Plugins", it may be somewhere else on your PC).

Hope this helps someone.

Like my friends, I choose my software carefully.
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