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Modern Folk Dance Skin

I have created a skin which is very innovative and designed for a special purpose. It is designed to be helpful for teachers and recreational dancers. As such it removes most unnecessary "features" which could be "gotchas", and substitutes or adds features designed to be helpful for users who are either programming a dance session or who are trying to teach dances, or practice material.

To this end dance interruption has been minimized. Memory features have been added to skin to allow you to repeat just a section of the material or to start at a specific point and stop at another so you can practice just a section without having to hunt for it each time.

The look of the skin was not important so it is obviously based on the Winamp Modern Skin but there is extensive programming to add or remove features. Actually all standard features are available, but some have been demoted to secondary menus because they are not very useful for the special intended purposes.

But just for fun, the color scheme and some seasonal decorations were added, with the ability to roll your own.

It is at:

Incidentally International folk dancing is virile vigorous dancing, and not necessarily square or polka dancing. It can be slow, fast, frenetic, funny, bittersweet, and above all fun, non fattening, and legal.
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You need to be familiar with programming to do what I did. You also need to have the latest version of WASDP which should be available at:

Once WASDP was installed I used the existing pieces of the Modern Skin to start creating my altered skin. But there are some skin development tools which make fancy looking skin design easier which I have never used. Once you have the missing Maki source (.m) you can then study the design. It is a long process. If you have never programmed in any computer languages designing the Maki sources will be difficult.

Unfortunately the resources you may need are scattered around and sometimes advertised files are not available. There are some tutorials at:

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you were replying to a spammer who's post has now been removed (which is why the above post seems weird to be talking to yourself as it now appears).

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