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UTF8 in non-English playlists

I discovered that my old m3u playlists in Russian do net loaded correctly into Winamp3 when UTF8 encoding option is on. This option must be on in order to use Russian localization components so the only way to load playlist in Russian is converting it into UTF8. After playlist conversion everything looks fine but should I convet all my hundred or so of playlists to UTF8? No way. The ways as I see them are:
- make non-English symbols display correctly even when default Winamp language is English. In Winamp2 this worked when "using bitmap fonts' option was disabled. I was happy using Winamp2 without any localization plugin at all because all I need is to see the Russian song name displayed in Russian. Unfortunately it does not work in Winamp3.
- convert non-English characters to UTF8 when playlist gets loaded. I think you can the language of the playlist from curent Windows settings. It would also be nice to distinguish between different encodings for same language, such as OEM and ANSI. The default playlist language and encoding can be an options in the internationalization settins. Of course this should also work in the opposite direction (playlist saving) as well
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