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computer music to room stereo.... and political quote

ok, I have about 2 gigs music (521 songs) on my computer. and I have a stereo in my room. lets call it 70ft I would like to get a display and input in my room from the computer music(I guess an audio line too)... I was thinking a palm pilot of some sort for the slave monitor and that little bitty keyboard. I am not that overly concerned with wires, but wireless is not a bad thing (I think. a lot of walls and stuff in between)

and now for the political quote. coming from USA today, an article about Hillary Clinton wanting to make voting day a holiday. she thinks this would stop fraud, or so I gathered (maybe she thinks tax day should be a fraud free holiday too)

Both parties have called for changes to ensure a more accurate vote count. Republican efforts have centered on reducing voter fraud, while Democrats have called for making access to the ballot box easier and simpler.

this is just the last paragraph, you can read the article at... http://www.usatoday.com/news/washing...e_x.htm?csp=34 if you would like, or even if you are... I hate to think the words... a fan of Hillary Clinton or other democrats
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