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Multiple Streams from 1 machine?

Hi Forum,

i know how to change the shoutcast listening port, but when i try to run multiple streams i get an shoutcast error. How can i setup mutlipe streams on dieffernt ports from 1ip/1 server ?


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That thread shows how to do different bitrates, but what about two completely different streams, for seperate genres?
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you need two shoutcast servers on 2 different ports for 2 different streams
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Hi, I used the link posted by TheBig to do two different streams with one source using two ports for the radio station I work for. It works fine (URL's: http://wcfm.servemp3.com and http://wcfm2.servemp3.com) though you may get no sound or a quiet buzzing since we really aren't fully on air yet. BTW the buzzing has to do with a cable.

However, as a result of the change, the error message "[yp_add] error resolving yp.shoutcast.com" comes up on both DNAS consoles, which I think means that our station cannot be added to the Shoutcast directory, in spite of naming the streams differently...Yellowpages included. Is this a problem inheritent with doing this on one ip and I have to live with it, or can I do something about it? Thank you...I can include screenshots if necessary.

Update: somehow they magically fixed themselves when I wrote this. Guess changing the URL in the Yellow pages fixed it. I tried to delete this post, but I don't have permission (weird)...so if a mod would like to...please do so.
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Well it does work, I running two different streams right now on the same IP address, on different ports. However I do not have them listed as public.

However even on my peice of junk XP system I ran 4 copies of shoutcast server, with their own configs and they all worked too.

A simple batch file in windows, or a shell script in linux will do the same for you.

@echo off
@rem BATCH/CMD file
sc_serv config1.ini
sc_serv config2.ini
sc_serv config3.ini
sc_serv config4.ini

Note each configX.ini file has its own port defined +1 to spare! since shoutcast listens to itself using the port you select +1, so I setup 8080 , 8082, 8084, 8086 and so on for each stream configuration.

The firewall/router needs to be configured to allow traffic in as well. One of my shoutcast servers sits in datacenter, on a private network, but their firwall system forwards from the internet to the system, confuses the local admin but the public IP is what matters for that server.

Ok, get the point? it does work if you pay attention to the settings for each 'server'

Good luck.

~ D

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