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Hi there,

I've installed WinAmp 2.76 and got the following error when playing (or trying to play) a WAV-file. The message is: "Couldn't find destination format." Any ideas where this messages/error comes from ? I've installed the full-version of WinAmp and also have the Windows MediaPlayer 6.4.
When i play the WAV's with the MediaPlayer then everything works fine. But, of course, i don't want the MediaPlayer....


Rutger van Dijk
The Netherlands

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MediaPlayer is integrated into Windows itself and uses MCI & DirectX system codecs/filters, unlike all other players.

These WAV's are encoded with MP3-Layered compression and would probably play fine in Winamp if you simply change the extension from WAV to MP3, thus letting Winamp's MPEG Audio Decoder handle them.

From: TSGH -> Useful Links : Further info & possible fixes:

RE: MMSYSTEM032 Error : Problems with MP3-Layered WAV Files:
1. Couldn't Find Destination Format
2. Specified Format Not Supported, Use Capabilities Function
Guaranteed Fix c/o
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Playing wma files

i cant seem to play certain wma files on winamp, but it works fine with windows media player why is that and how do i fix it?

thanks in advance
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woah, 30 months old thread ¬_¬

been done a million times, this.

Basically, Microsoft are shit, WMA is shit, and it's a thing called DRM which is explained in this thread:


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