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unusual behavior when winamp is open for extended periods of time

this is an issue i have had for the past couple years but after so many updates the problem has persisted. i have done a bit of research and couldn't come up with anyone who has the same problem. i suspect it is a registry issue.

after i have left winamp open for a long amount of time (not sure how long, but this happens most commonly after i've left it open overnight), it behaves somewhat unresponsively but has not crashed. right clicking winamp does not pull up any menu (sometimes this will close winamp). if there is a song playing, the play/pause buttons will work, but it will not load another song (the player sits as if it is idle, but displays the song as playing). if a song is playing while winamp is in this state, my musictracker plugin for pidgin will display as "♪ - Artist - Title (x:xx)" instead of "♪ Artist - Title (x:xx)". the only other time it will display that dash before the musical note is when the audio file has no metadata for winamp to read.

what i have been doing to avoid this issue is simply closing and restarting winamp where it will function as normal until it acts up again. however, the real reason i come to solve this problem now is because winamp tends to delete the audioscrobbler plugin i have installed when i reboot it, and it is a major inconvenience to have to install it again and again. i don't think that plugin is the cause of any problems.

i am running windows vista home premium 32 bit with winamp standard 5.581 and can share more information as necessary. like i said earlier, this problem has persisted despite updating to newer versions, but i don't remember what version i had when i discovered the problem. i do not have any other third party plugins installed besides audioscrobbler and the native plugins installed with winamp. thank you very much in advance.
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