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One possible solution to Winamp's wireless sync problem

Like many others I've been getting alot of problems trying to have Winamp find my Android phone, with the even more annoying issue of it not being able to sync certain tracks while getting stuck at "Connecting..." during transfers.

I've found that the first issue where Winamp hardly saw the discoverable devices in Windows 7 had little if nothing to do with renaming your network adapters and everything to do with enabling Media Network Sharing. Ever since then Ive been able to both maintain all my network adapters enabled without being renamed AND Winamp now detects my Android with no glitch, albeit sometimes if Winamp is already open and you bring in the phone it may not automatically detect it, requiring you to close and reopen Winamp, but that happens rarely.

My top issue has been the tracks syncing to only get stuck at Connecting. Some of them go through and some don't. At first I figured it may have been a SD card format issue, since my Android formats the card in FAT32 by default, I thought maybe the issue with transfering the files may have been some sort of file or folder name limit. But that didn't make sense because Fat32 can support rather long file names.

Then I figured it may be related to certain characters found in the metadata of the files, and indeed this was the case. I was unable to sync any track that contained a colon ( : ) in ANY of its metadata fields, be it title, album track, comment, etc. If you have the same issue where your tracks are getting stuck at Connecting while some transfer just fine, try renaming whatever may have colon and get rid of it.

Winamp should really be in development for a fix on this. I'm considering this a temporary solution since I definitely cannot go on renaming all my files for the simple task of syncing them with my phone.

Anyway, a colon may not be the only character is has a problem with. If you guys know any other maybe you can list them just to get an idea.

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