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Winamp keeps asking me about configuration on launch.

Good afternoon,

I recently updated Winamp from version 5.56to Winamp 5.622. At first, Winamp asks me about configuration parameters (skins, file association, etc). When I click on "Finish", Winamp configures the program (or so it seems) and launch it. However, it doesn't change a thing and I'm still back at the screen where I have to choose the skin and file associations.

Needless to say, I cannot play any song in Winamp since it keeps repeating the procedure.

It happened to me several times and it is not just this version which is responsible for this bug. So every time I need to disinstall Winamp and get back to version 5.56.

I use a Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bits on a Dell Studio XPS 1640, Intel Core 2 Duo P8600, 4Gb RAM, ATI Radeon Mobility HD4670 1Gb.

Thank you in advance for your answer.
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This can happen if something is preventing winamp.ini from being written to,
or if some external program is deleting winamp.ini

Confirm that the Shortcut icon you are using to launch Winamp doesn't have any weird switch in the Target command line.

On Win7 64 it should just be:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe"

Confirm that the the following file exists:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\paths.ini

Confirm that the contents of paths.ini are as follows:


Confirm that you have read & write permissions for the %appdata%\winamp folder.
Confirm that the %appdata%\winamp\winamp.ini exists and doesn't have the read-only attribute.

With Winamp closed, open winamp.ini in Notepad and edit this line as follows:


If using some program like WindowWasher or TracksEraser, make sure it's configured not to delete winamp.ini (or any other Winamp config files).
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Thanks for the answer.

I do have the winamp.exe in the correct folder BUT I do not have the paths.ini file. Therefore, how do I get it ? Shouldn't it be installed with Winamp when I run de installation program ? Could someone post it here ?

Thanks a lot.
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It's the one given in Egg's post.

Copy and paste the following into NotePad and save as 'paths.ini'


It goes in your main Winamp folder.

You really should be trying to find out why paths.ini is not being installed.

Are you sure there is no clean up program that may be deleting .ini files ?

Try this, do a clean reinstall and launch Winamp at the end of the install process(from the installer). Does Winamp open and play correctly?

Close Winamp and then restart, is this the point at which Winamp fails?

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Thanks a lot guys !!

At least I can get the program running thanks to the .ini file you gave me. Will let you know if some problems keep appearing. Once again, thanks !

It appeared actually that there was a "read only" box checked that I didn't see. Really stupid in fact...
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