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ExecDos installation


I have downloaded the ExecDos plugin but am out of ideas on how to get it working with my NSIS installation. The ExecDos has 4 plugins in the plugins directory. Since my system is 64-bit, I tried putting the x64-ansi and x64-unicode dlls into the NSIS plugins directory but neither seems to work.
Then I tried copying over the Contrib directory from the ExecDos to the NSIS contrib directory but no success. I am trying to compile one of the examples that is in the plugin downloads. I keep getting this error:

Invalid command: ExecDos::exec

My NSIS version is 2.46. Any ideas are very much appreciated. I downloaded the plugin from:


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Did you try upgrade nsis?

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First off, NSIS is 32 bit, so use the 32 bit plugin. NSIS v2.x is ansi only, so use the file in the plugins\x86-ansi folder and put it in the NSIS\plugins folder.

NSIS 64 bit isn't officially supported yet, you have to compile it from source and it's primarily for testing and bugfixing at this stage. It's still quite stable though.

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Thanks Jason, after adding the ansi x86 dll into my plugin directory it worked!!
Thanks to all for the replies.
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