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Sound Problems


I have been using Winamp since Nullsoft first came out with it on the market in the mid-90's. I have tried all of the other media players out there and hands down no one compares to Winamp. I use Winamp exclusively to play MP3's, and I listen to them every minute of every day, from the time I get up till the time I go to bed. Music is a VERY important in my life.

I was listening to it yesterday afternoon (Wed the 17th) and all of a sudden the sound cut off. I have had this type of thing happen a few times since I started using it, and it is usually a glitch in the Playlist. In the past I would shut Winamp down, restart it and reload the Playlist. And if that didn't do the trick I would reboot my computer and it would work fine.

This time I loaded Winamp when I started my computer and there was NO sound. The first thing I did was check my Windows Master Volume Control settings. The Master Volume was all the way up, but the Wave setting was all the way down, thus no sound. I decided to do a System Restore (Win XP) for a week prior thinking that would fix it, but it didn't. I had the same problem again, NO sound. I checked ALL of the speaker's cords to see if one had come loose, but they were fine. All of the typical Windows sounds I could hear fine as it rebooted. Even other sounds, like my antivirus telling me that I had just downloaded new definitions was working. I had the same problem with the Master Volume Control, max Master Volume but the Wave setting was again at the bottom.

I created a NEW Playlist with only 2 songs. I once again raised the Wave level and the song played like it was supposed to. When it got ready to play the next song, nothing. I checked the volume again and it was set right in the middle, but NO sound. I clicked the slider bar on the Wave. I didn't raise or lower the level, just merely clicked on it right where it was and the sound came back.

So I rebooted Windows to troubleshoot. I loaded Winamp, but didn't play either song. I tried playing a Quick Time Movie file that was on my desktop and it played no problem. I also accessed Pandora online and IT worked. So I played Winamp and nothing, and had the same Wave setting problem. There is NO way to save the changes to the Windows Master Volume Control settings that I needed to play Winamp. I even downloaded the latest version of Winamp and that didn't help either.

If anyone has EVER run across this problem with Winamp or with Windows XP I NEED your help in fixing this. I have searched Help files and posts, and I am all out of options. I have to have my Winamp and figure out what it going on.

Thank you for your time, I know this was a very long explanation.

ANY help is welcomed!
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Hi breali,

Shutdown Winamp. Downlaod and run Koopa's Winamp Info Tool (link below). Use the tool to generate an extended report of your Winamp configuration. Then use the advanced reply editor to attach the report to a post.


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