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The Rockouthippie Has Taken Ill

Hi everyone:

Just went over to Kevin's website and found this message
February 28-

Because of some health problems, WebRanger operations are going to be curtailed for a while. Member services are here http://webranger.net/viewers/blank.html. I think it's going to be about a week before I can even think about resuming normal operations on this site. If in some way I have failed in giving you a password or if I owe you something you didn't get, rest assured that I will take care of it.

I'm sorry, but my health has become a real issue and I just can't leave this site unattended. I will try to leave the TV channels up, but no promises. I'm hoping that member movie services will survive my convalescence.

I have issued refunds for ebay items, and I hope I caught everybody. If I didn't, drop me an email via ebay, but as I am going to need some medical attention, I will not be available for a few days. The TV server should survive, but the OTR station will be down.

Your kind thoughts are appreciated and I will be back soon.

My Best regards

Hey Kevin dude.....Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Just wanted to pass this along just in case people were wondering.

Pat Cook
Englewood, CO
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john@ ROCK TV1
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we need ya out here bud..........i allways look forward to
tunning in to your station and reading your allways hipp
replys in the forums. I know my dukey lil sever gagged up alot of " error wil robertstone" untill i got to you "allways helpfll answers..........so........
drink the O.J. and eat chicken noodle.........dont go to far out........john ROCK TV1
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speedy recovery, Kevin
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