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Does Winamp have an answer to iTunes' Cover Flow view?

After declaring iTunes my preferred jukebox player about a year ago, I recently downloaded 5.51 to see if there was anything new that might make me change my mind. To be sure, Winamp has a lot going for it, but it still looks pretty utilitarian compared with iTunes.

iTunes' Cover Flow View looks so much more pleasing than anything I've been able to get Winamp to do. As the screenshots below demonstrate, iTunes gives me a means to prominently display the cover art in an aesthetically pleasing way. Winamp's "Now Playing" view is okay, but it tries to sell me cars and pimple cream, and the album cover isn't nearly as big.

My question: have any of you folks stumbled upon Winamp settings or plugins that provide a meaningful answer to iTunes' Cover Flow view?

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You mean like this?

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That definitely looks better! How'd you do that?
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Create or edit a smart view. Set one of the filters to Album Art. Then hit OK. You can change the layout of the covers by clicking on one of the buttons in the top right corner of the library.

You can also toggle an existing view to show covers by pressing the button that looks like an image of a mountain.

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Look it up

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J_Darnley... that's all good as long as dang0001 isn't looking to change what is displayed in the Now Playing section of the ML, because that is what he is showing us in this screenshot he posted above, and that can not be changed since it's all server-side.

No problem though, as long as dang0001 understands the section of the ML you mentioned above, understands the concept of editing/creating smart views, and understands that it does not refer to the Now Playing section.

So... do you understand that, dang0001?

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How to show covers in Winamp Media Library (Winamp 5.58)

The question in this thread is old, but still valid. I'll update the answer with the current version of Winamp (5.58) and with some pictures since the procedure is not so straightforward if you've never done it before.


1) In Media Library right click on ’Local Media’ and choose ’Add Smart View…’:

2) Choose ’Simple Album’ from the presets and click OK:

3) Click on the ’Pane options’ button and choose ’Large Icon’ (in the picture it's not checked yet):

4) Stretch the view of Media Library to suit your preferences and you’re done

If you like you can order the Albums in this view by clicking the different headers in the view. The little triangle will indicate by which field the albums are ordered in the view. (In this picture by Year.)

This is not as flashy as iTunes Coverflow, but I like the flexibility that comes with the Winamp Smart Views

P.S. If you like the Lyrics Plugin that is showed in the picture you can get it from here http://www.winamp.com/plugin/lyrics-plugin/148097
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