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Fatal Error! ?

I'm new here.
I figured that this message ("FATAL ERROR! Some other process is using this port!") meant I can not use the server. So I tried to delete it, and moved it to the Trash (I am a Mac OS X user) and when I try to empty it says the server is in use and I cannot delete it. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE??
I'm worried I cannot delete it and i will be in a lot of trouble.

<33 Ash
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set the server software back to it's original place in your files and delete it from the software - after you closed the server software.

another process is using this port could also be the same server software , if you forgot to kill server after you made some changes , the changes don't work but the server software still is active.
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Fatal Error


I've had this problem several time on my Mac (with OS X Tiger), until I found out what was happening. Please keep in mind that there are several reasons why this fatal error could be occuring. The problem I had (with your fatal error symptom) occured because I opened the ShoutCast server application on my Mac (through Terminal), quit it, and opened it again. I received the error the second time I ran the application.

If this sounds like your problem, what probably happened is that when you quit the Shoutcast application in Terminal, quiting Terminal didn't really fully stop Shoucast from using its port. There are a couple ways that you could solve the problem if you're having the problem I had:
1) Restart the computer when you get the error, and try opening the server again. It should work now.

or, a more permanent solution without having to restart:
2) Next time you want to stop the server from Terminal, before quitting Terminal, use the keyboard shortcut Control-C. This really shuts down the Shoutcast server. Then quit terminal (through the Terminal menu or Command-Q).

or, if you just had the problem, and you don't want to take the time to restart the computer,
3) Open Activity Monitor (in Applications>Utilities on OS X Tiger). In the filter box, type sc_serv. The entry for the Shoutcast application should be found in the list below. Click on it, and click the red Quit Process button. Then click Force Quit. Close Activity Monitor, and run the server again. It should work this time.

Please let me know if you'd like more assistance.

--Radio 1090 Webmaster
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