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m4a files ripped from my CD will not play

Howdy! I have been using Winamp version 5.581 to rip my CD
collection into m4a (MPEG-4) file onto an external hard drive.
My computer (Dell Optiplex GX280, Windows XP) that is hooked
up to my home stereo system has worked beautifully with Winamp
as my primary playback. Recently I bought a John Mayer CD
(Room for Squares) and ripped it to m4a with Winamp without
any problems (14 tracks with various sizes, including track 13
named BLANK with only 18KB size). When I try to play these
tracks the progress bar moves along, but there is no sound;
the volume is turned up and there is no activity on the spectrum
analyzer. All of my other rips play just fine. When this CD is
inserted to the computer's CD drive Winamp will play it. So,
what is going on? Is there a missing decoder? Was this CD
encrypted somehow? I have also tried playing the ripped files
with WMP, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and iTunes; no joy. The VLC
media player will show the album cover art, but there is still no
sound. What did I do wrong? Thanks for your help.
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Hmm... a rip gone bad? Corrupted files? Not sure....

What does the file info show in Winamp (via: rt-click playlist entry -> view file info)?
Does it show the format, eg. MPEG-4 AAC LC 192 kbps, or whatever?
Maybe attach a screenshot...

Are the required Winamp plugins/decoders installed? (in_mp4.dll, libmp4v2.dll, aacPlusDecoder.w5s)
Maybe also attach a List of Plugins...

Have you tried just ripping the CD again?
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John Mayer - Room for Squares Copy Protected

I just ran into a similar problem and found it was due to our "friends" at Sony running malware on my system when I inserted the CD into my computer. That malware prevented me from ripping a LEGAL copy of the CD I had just purchased to my music server. In my case the malware prevented my Windows 7 machine from even seeing the CD. I haven't been able to determine the name of the process they start (there are 90 processes to go though), but when I disable Autorun before I insert the CD I can rip it to my server with no problem.

This is the same game Sony played a few years ago when they installed a malware root kit on people's computers when one of their music CDs was simply inserted. The root kit they installed back then could not be removed without serious effort and knowledge. Shortly after Sony's malware distribution hit the news a virus was found that infected people's machines because of a vulnerability in that malware. I stopped buying ANY Sony products for years because of the serious problems it caused and effort that was required to remove it from my computer.

To bypass the current Sony malware that prevents you from ripping your CD, either turn off "Autorun" on your system or hold down the shift key for 15-30 seconds when you insert the Sony music CD. Be aware that if you have inserted the CD and have not held down the shift key, the Sony malware is already running on your system and will continue to run until you restart the system. Luckily this time they don't seem to be installing this crap to the computer's hard drive so a system restart clears it. To turn off "Autorun", do a Google search with that word and your Windows version. Various sites provide clear directions.
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