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Rating statistics

Is there any way for me to get my preset rating statistics? How many “5”, “0”, etc. ratings I have?
Thing is that there are more than 60 000 presets in my catalogue and for a couple of months I have been sorting them out, marking some of them with “0” rating in order not to run into them again. How can I find out how many of them I have already sorted out and how many presets have “0” ratings? Is there any command or mini-program?
And one more question. Can those ratings be zeroized? I mean can presets with “0” rating get “3” or “5” rating marks for any reason?
Thanks a lot!
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There is no statistics tool. The rating is stored in text format within the .milk files under the tag "fRating". You would need to write a small script to scan the files, extract their rating and write it into a table. Easy job.

"can presets with “0” rating get “3” or “5” rating marks for any reason?"
Not that I knew. The only way to change rating is by pressing the + or - keys. If you want to make certain, you may write protect your milk files.
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Besides using the rating system, my solution to clean my presets is:

1- Delete unwanted presets
2- Rename original preset files with a leading or ending "05" / "03" / etc those rated presets (either through explorer or from Winamp itself)
3- Backup renamed / cleaned presets to an external location.
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