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Re: Crossfader not functioning properly

Specifically, during 2013, I attempted to employ the default crossfader harbored by Winamp for my crossfading needs, albeit, to no avail. So, after performing some research via the internet, I lucked upon the "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading v1.75" plugin, which eradicated any/all skipping glitches and/or non-existent crossfading to boot. I still have this executable file and proceeded to install it. However, upon doing so, I came to realize that Winamp crashes at startup. So...

I un-installed the aforementioned plugin, deeming that it may be out-of-date. For this reason, I downloaded/installed the latest version (i.e. v1.79) of "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading" found via the Internet. Once installed, it was a relief to see that Winamp did not crash on startup. Yet and still, this newer version did absolutely nothing to remedy my crossfading woes (i.e., no crossfading occurs at all, and when the next track begins, it plays normal for 2-3 seconds, then starts to sound distorted for 4-7 seconds or so, then plays normal until next track. The very occurrence of such, just so happens to be the same initial problem that I experienced utilizing Winamp's default crossfader back in 2013 and led me to initiate an internet search.

So in summary, when using Winamp and the ShoutCast DSP in tandem whilst attempting to crossfade: (1) Winamp's default crossfader does not crossfade at all, and when the next track begins, it plays normal for 2-3 seconds, then starts to sound distorted/muffled for 5-7 seconds or so, (2) the v1.75 of "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading" causes Winamp to crash upon startup, and (3) the v1.79 of "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading" has no appreciable difference from (1).

I am at my wits end here... I know that at one time the "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading" plugin served the purpose that I so covet. However, in the here and now, that does not appear to be the case (w/out troubleshooting assistance, at least).

Moreover, I would like to have a clear answer as to whether or not if anyone is successfully crossfading his/her music stream employing: (1) Winamp & (2) the ShoutCast DSP plugin. I repeat, I know for a fact that the above mentioned plugin was compatible with the ShoutCast DSP plugin back in 2013. Although it may not now be a viable option, I am seeking a definitive answer whether it is possible for one to crossfade, thus allowing for the radio broadcast to sound exactly as if one were listening to his/her own Winamp media player w/the crossfading options in play???

Please advise...

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