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Canada legalizes marijuana

Today, Canada has legalized marijuana. It is now OK to purchase, possess, or grow recreational cannabis in "The Great White North".
From now on, pot/weed/grass may be smoked, subject to regulations similar to those imposed on alcohol consumption.
What a great country!
Join us.


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**Moves to Canada**

I seriously wish it was legal here it could help me so much with my chronic pain that I suffer from (Osteoarthritis) sad thing is though the UK Govt will never do this as they're of the mindset that its bad for you when actually as has been proven its good for people Esp people with epilepsy etc...
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In the network a lot of memes on this topic. Marijuana or alcohol, everywhere you need to know the measure
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Talk about it.

Marijuana is something that once started has a longing addiction, but the addiction is not the case, trying to stop is the big problem here, you can stop it but you need to try hard as possible and legalizing it will makes those people smoking it because it's illegal, some to reduce the intake, while some will increase it's situation of good nor bad.
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They just follow USA footsteps, so not really surprised
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I hope it will be legal in my country soon
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Lucky people, hope that's my country.
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I can't believe this happened but it is real.
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Yes, that's real, you can order it and receive the order through regular post.
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Canada gets Marijuana legalized and here in the U.S. Government is shut down because some clown wants a wall. Canadians are lucky.
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Wow I really wish New Zealand would catch up here!
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