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Hi all!
That design of WA3 should fully depend on user. Do you remem superb a0 plug-in for WA2.x? It was super. But it was externally-mounted. And adequately limited. It shoul still be skinnable and with much more possibilities to change design!
Lukas Pravda
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Winamp 3 has free-from skinning. Isn't that the same idea as the aO plugin?
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Free from skinning? What do you mean? WA3's gonna not to be skinned?! I want it to be skinned! But if it won't be, there should be possibility to position (in the WA3 window frame) volume control, time display, balance, song info etc... BTW: Unablity of a0 to be skinned was only resolution of a0's not being primary conception of player it self. It hard to skin something, what doesn't have solid position of any element. By skinability of WA3(with a0 idea) I ment one thing: Author of skin can set what&where will be a and how it will look. But he needn't if hen doesn't want to. He can only set design of each element. Also user doesn't need to accept all author's ideas. ("yes this looks nice, but I want to have my time display in the right bottom corner.") Whatever user will want, he will get it. Sounds good huh?
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It was a typo.
Kaboon didn't mean to write "free FROM skinning" but "Free-FORMskinning", meaning that the Winamp 3 skins can take any possible form.
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