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how can i disable cddb in winamp 3 ?

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you can't even enable it.....its not implemented yet
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cddb2 ... bad stuff

Hello :
This is not related to your current problem but could
present itself shortly . The issue to burning cd-music-roms
after previewing the music in WinAmp just prior to buring the
music file .
WinAmp has what is called a CDDB2 music-service attached to its
operations . When you preview music files , with winAmp , to select music to burn ... this cddb2 service will jump up and attach its extention to the music file .... it removes the mp3 extention at the end of the file and alters the file .... then when you go to use the
NERO CD-ROM burning application to burn the music files .... it prevents NERO from buring the files . Nero pops up a window claiming it can not burn music files with the cddb2 extention because it says the file is .... TOO SLOW .... .
Also the CDDB2-service , in WinAmp , causes my system to lock many seconds while it does its terrible deed . It actully commandeers my entire system while it functions; changing my file . So consider this while your having problems with music files and using WINAMP . Perhaps the cddbe service will not pop a window evertime you view your music files with winamp .... but ... be working in the back ground any way . I have wrote NullSoft tech support as to how to disable this so called cddb2-service to rid myself of it ..... you should do the same .... after all i know what the name of my music file is ... i do not need some service to find a name for it .Please spread the word .
Hey Nemesis ... i have WinAmp Version 2.79 .... do you think your
solution will be available in this version ..... i'm gonna look ...
thanks for your posting ...... let me here from you on it any way ... as i may need more direction here .... email me at waynefuller2000@yahoo.com . This is a bad thing to do ... pst an email address ... but i feel people will be nice here and not spam me. Thanks
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Crossposted here

Seeing the crosspost is in a more relevant forum (ie. WA2, but still the wrong forum because it's NOT a bug)... this one gets *whacked*
(besides, the original post here relates to WA2 as well)
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