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Shoutcast DNAS on Ubuntu 12.10 or 13.04

Greetings all.

I am trying to get Shoutcast setup on a new server that is running 12.10 and I when I launch it in the terminal with

sudo ./sc_serv sc_serv_basic.conf

I get an error that says
./sc_serv: 4: ./sc_serv Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

I then tried running on an Ubuntu 13.04 server and I get even weirder errors.

nex7@nex7en:~/shoutcast$ sudo ./sc_serv sc_serv_basic.conf
./sc_serv: 6: ./sc_serv: �: not found
./sc_serv: 1: ./sc_serv: �4: not found
./sc_serv: 6: ./sc_serv: ELF��4��`Q���cg!�� D��c���
,�_^�?����z�#+B� C�c����=�9
�<���2��71�ZM��� E�v�

:zT��+: File name too long
./sc_serv: 7: ./sc_serv: cannot open : No such file
./sc_serv: 7: ./sc_serv: 2zj�b��Z
f: not found �t
./sc_serv: 7: ./sc_serv: ��r
: not found
./sc_serv: 7: ./sc_serv: �0#: not found
./sc_serv: 8: ./sc_serv: cannot open u: No such file
./sc_serv: 8: ./sc_serv: z�
:��: not found 
./sc_serv: 9: ./sc_serv: �: not found
./sc_serv: 10: ./sc_serv: cannot open v�e���: No such file
./sc_serv: 11: ./sc_serv: cannot open �
+g?��9��: No such file
./sc_serv: 11: ./sc_serv: c!W
: not found
./sc_serv: 12: ./sc_serv: cannot open ��d��: No such file
./sc_serv: 12: ./sc_serv: Y��I
���CES6v�: not found�
./sc_serv: 12: ./sc_serv: cannot open ��9�k�: No such file
./sc_serv: 12: ./sc_serv: D
j���o��Az�=��.���j��y: not found
./sc_serv: 13: ./sc_serv: cannot open ���: No such file
./sc_serv: 13: ./sc_serv: �9
����2�: not found
./sc_serv: 13: ./sc_serv:�
 !� �v��h����5�D9�PZ
�P!Xw��: not found
./sc_serv: 15: ./sc_serv: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")
./sc_serv: 7: ./sc_serv: s
5L�F=: not found

Any ideas? I am currently running fine on an Ubuntu 11.04 server but I am switching VPS and 12.10 and 13.04 are my only options.

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