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Aviation/Planes skins category in web site

As I´ve said in my skin descriptions (which haven´t been published yet...), I think the Skins site needs a skin category like Flying, Aviation, Aircraft, or at the very least Transportation (which would incorporate cars, planes, boats, trains...). I like airplanes and pictures of them and I use plane pictures in making my skins (and I´m not the only one), and I would like a special place for these skins. I mean, there must be other winamp users who would not mind seeing the progress bar reader move across the wings of the Spruce Goose (my first skin, "Seaplanes", not published yet as of 8-28).
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You design skins with an aviation them.......... tell me more.

I'm not a big fan of the Spruce Goose, however if you have any non0-howardhughes designs, I'd like to see them........ I'm majoring in aerospace engineering.

Every advance in knowledge brings us closer to the mystery of our own being....
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Yeah Aerospace!

All right! I too am an Aerospace Major! (But where I study, we call it Aeronautics and Astronautics, which I think is cooler cuz I can say I study Aeronautics. I really don't care for the 'space' part, I want to design and possibly fly planes, not spacecraft. When I say "Aerospace", the 'space' is what people hear, and I really don't want to have much to do with it. Of course, I think spacecraft are cool, big, powerful, but I'd like to dedicate my life to something more accessible to people in general). I love aviation - if all goes well, flying lessons start in a couple months. "Science, freedom, beauty, adventure... What more could you ask of life?". (I have that whole paragraph memorized. That Lindberg quote to me is the meaning of life).

Ah, and my skins... The Spruce Goose skin also has a picture of a Sikorsky VS44 taking off... and as for the others... I have a skin with pictures of Tucanos, turboprop and military trainer and aerobatic planes designed in Brazil. It shows a collage of pictures of Tucanos in orange and white colors belonging to the Brazilian Air Force Academy and in red and white belonging to the Brazilian Air Force demontration squadron. I have two skins with airplanes from the Northrop F-5/F-20/T-38 family of jets, two skins with Italian-Brazilian AMX light fighter-bombers, and the pride of my skinmaking career, a great skin with a CG picture of the X-33 in orbit. At the top is the earth and the Venturestar, and from the equalizer bars down there's a starfield that extends to the very bottom, so it's one big picture. Right now I'm working on a skin made from a picture of a MiG-15 right after takeoff - the ground photographer caught a perfect profile shot with the background beautifully blurred. After that, pictures of a Sukhoi-35, of an X-29 and of the X-38 wait in line, but it could be a while. Using Paint, these skins take forever to make, as you may know. None of the skins I submitted have been reviewed/published yet (there must be a huge line), but I can email them to you if you'd like. Just promise you won't publish them as yours.

And if you like aviation skins, the skins site here has two F-22 skins, two F-15 skins, two F/A-18 skins (one of which uses that gorgeous picture of an F-18 just as it breaks MACH 1, with cones of condensation around it and a beautiful blue sky in the background), a B-2 skin and an F-16 skin (neither of which I liked very much), a WW2 planes skin (P-47's, P-51s, B-29s and a Catalina), two cool Pearl Harbor skins, an Eagle (Pitts-ish biplane) skin (very nice air-to-air picture, beautiful sunset), and 3 awesome Cockpit skins. Search "airplane", "plane", "cockpit", "jet"... each search will only produce a few good skins, and after several searches you should run into all the ones I've seen. And tell me if I missed any good ones. (So, added to mine, that's... what... 23 aeronautical skins!)

And what do you have against Howard Hughes?
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