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UAC_AsUser_GetGlobalVar error


I'm using the call
PHP Code:
!insertmacro UAC_AsUser_GetGlobalVar $LANGUAGE 
in my un.onInit function, and I get the following error:
Error: could not resolve label "_UAC_AUGOGR_OP$LANGUAGEStrCpy$LANGUAGE_F" in function "un.onInit"

Which is strange, since the same call in .onInit doesn't produce any error.
I looked into the _UAC_AsUser_GenOp macro, there is a ${_UAC_AUGOGR_ID}_F label, which somehow the compiler cannot find.
I also noticed there is a
PHP Code:
instruction inside this macro, I think it's not legal inside macros, or am I missing something?

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The return is there because it creates a function on the fly with labels. Any run-time instruction is valid in a macro, macros are just text replacements in the first compiler phase.

Your code compiles for me, please post a minimal but complete example that reproduces the issue...

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