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winamp 2.78 skipping

I am consistantly having a problem with winamp skipping on songs after a few hours, and it sometimes crashes my computer. It seems to be worse when i use internet explorer or use AIM. I have win2000, but I don't know what sound card or other components are in/on my computer. This problem seems to be getting worse (or maybe i'm just getting more aggrevated!!) over the last month or so. Is there anything I can do to stop these problems????????
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First of all, install this official update patch:
Winamp 2.78 Update

Updates both out_wave & out_ds plugins to peter's new versions, also updates in_mod.dll, in_midi.dll & in_wave.dll to new pre v2.79 / 2.80 versions.
Also includes optional Experimental DS Output, extra Gapless WaveOut, in_vorbis.dll . . .

Further details: (READ THIS FIRST)

The new Output plugins provide better skip protection.

Once the update is installed, open Winamp & goto:
Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Plugins -> Output:
select one of the two new DirectSound output plugins (to make it active).

You can also increase the buffer size.
Full instructions here:

DirectSound Output Manual:

If the problem persists, then you will definitely need to update your hardware drivers, or look further into the possible cause of the problem.

To find out what soundcard & videocard you have:

My Computer (desktop icon) -> rt click -> properties -> Device Manager:
Videocard will be listed under "Display Adapter"
Soundcard should be under "sound....controllers".

Search for the manufacturers' sites at one of these places:

Further help:
TSGH -> Useful Links

This is a direct link to the relevant "problems with skipping" section.
A plethora of tips/fixes can be found via the links therein.

It sounds to me like you may have a memory or resource leak ?!?!

Good luck!
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