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have ur resolution up to whatever... stick winamp at the top and drag out the playlist long next to it... lower resolution to whatever below the previous one and blamo u cant get to ur winamp or ur bottom or top of the playlist...

thats my website i put screenshots and a walkthrough to recreate the problem....
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nateey -

I don't believe it, but you are correct!

Actually, I think this "bug" has come up once (or 50*) times before. If you drag the playlist window to a height that exceeds your vertical resolution by more than 6-7%, you can create this "problem" repeatedly.

The solution is simple (simple for me, 'cuz I'm not a programmer). Simply add code so that Winamp continually checks the user's current screen resolution (say, once every 10 seconds), and when the user makes the playlist window exceed 95% of the vertical resolution, Winamp would adjust the vertical dimension of the playlist window back to the 95% parameter, thus automatically blocking the user's attempt to screw up his display.

You know, there are many other "bugs" in Winamp that have similar causes to the above. All can be fixed by just adding a little code. I've done a rough calculation, and I believe that the next version of Winamp can be made nearly foolproof by adding all of these little bits of code, and the size of the main application (winamp.exe) would only be increased incrementally, to about 3.14GB. I think I'll e-mail the development team and request that they implement the simple playlist bugfix, and see what they say about my foolproofing ideas.

I'll post another reply as soon as I hear back from them.

*BTW, here's a couple of vaguely related threads:


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Reverend Ike
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By the way, just messin' with you. Although sometimes it does seem like users spend all their spare time trying to make Winamp do weird things.

Winamp version 3 is going to have a vastly-improved Playlist Editor, and I suspect that the window-stretching "bug" will no longer exist once that version is released.
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