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emcoding variable bitrate mp3s question

ok so i've noticed that emcoding variable bitrate mp3s it allows you to select either default, old, new, average bitrate avb, or mtrh. what is the difference between these settings? and which is best audio wise in relation to complex encoding of music ?
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Hi darklordchris,

These options refer to various encoding algorithms (ways of doing stuff) that affect the speed and quality of the processing (which frequencies are thrown away). What's best is not easy to say. Best technically or best sounding on the equipment you're using? I mean music is something you hear and feel. How do you really determine the 'best' frequencies to throw away? Everyone has different thresholds, will you be able to 'hear' a difference?

I suggest encoding a song using "mtrh" which now encodes much more frequencies over 16khz and then encoding the same song using "default". Set the maximum variable bitrate as high as possible for both cases. Settle on the option that sounds best to you.

Although, to really know what 'sounds best' you need to try them all (default and mtrh may be the same thing with the version of the codec you're using). The type of music is also a consideration. Jazz may sound best with one option and rock with another. This stuff is complex, which is why many prefer a lossless codec like flac, now that file size is much less a consideration.

Take some time, experiment, have fun, and judge for yourself.

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