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TWIT podcast in compatible with winamp attn: aolTW

hey... i gotta say im starting to get peeved with winamps podcast support for itunes podcast feeds. not that itunes feeds dont adhere to the rss spec.. its a very common format for podcasters, and well.. i have been noticing that all the feeds that end up converting to the itunes format end up not updating in winamp...

what gets me more then any thing is s that this week in tech... on the the biggest most popular podcasts ever(check the stats) is hosted by aol radio for free none the less... and well nullsoft has become an aol property... and cant access media that is hosted by aol it self... the irony....

not that i want TWIT to be host somewhere else... i would like to see compatible podcast feeds into winamp so that i can enjoy my media automatically, not just for twit....

ideally i think winamp needs to work on the way that its feeds are interpreted... i have noticed that some sites that make feeds that host media dont have their feeds adhere perfectly to the rss 2 spec.. and dont designate the link as a media and winamp sees them as text articles... which is stupid casue they are links to mp3s or mp4s or mpgs or avis so they are certainly not text articles...

any who.. i hope the development team is working on improvising podcast... or "shoutcast wire" support... its a good start but still needs some work...
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that is the podcast link i am complaining about the one that has the media hosted by aol radio... most the feeds on http://www.twit.tv are formated for itunes as well... but then again they arnt being hosted by aol radio.
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Not sure what you mean exactly...

I just added that feed to my Subscriptions in ML > Shoutcast Wire
and everything works just fine.
I can see TWIT 41 to 60 in the Item pane,
although #41 turned out to be a 404, but Nos. 42-60 all streamed ok.

What problem are you experiencing exactly?

Are you using the latest version of Winamp? (5.24 Full)
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yes im using the latest version of winamp.... i just deleated the feed and added it again.. and to my surprise it worked... i had been stuck on ep 56 for a few weeks now and wasnt seeing the updates... i had checked and rechecked and checked again to make sure that the feed link was correct..and it was.. but for some reason it hadnt worked....

deleating and re adding did.. and now im stuck with twit on the bottom of my podcast list (cause i cant move or catigorize them) but atleast its getting the updates.

i guess over time i have been noticeing more and more of my feeds exibiting this behavior.. most of them the produceers have stopped.. but a couple(twit.tv ones in particular just stopped updateing about amonth ago.. the only thing i could find in common amongst them was their itunes oriented rss feed (alot of the feeds i have played around with subscribieng too have alot of itunes junk in them... and a few had been horribly out of spec as far as rss goes.

any who... thank you from a paid registered user of pro
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