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Old 26th November 2007, 02:28   #1
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Portables (usb device UMS/MTP mode) Sync Issue (re-transferring same files)

Will have tough time believing I am only one experiencing this, but it just seems like the SYNC / my devices library/files get corrupt, for example:

Lately, everytime I plug the device in and hit sync, it:

1. deletes the same files
2. re-copies those files
3. re-copies another set of files every time
4. seems like on device there are several songs with an empty artist column, yet in library they are OK

Wondering is it winamp reading the files from the player (iAudio 7) and for some reason by file name or dir/filename that winamp is unable to read them correctly after copying them?

Getting quite annoying, similar issue happened with a Sansa I had too, getting ready to call it quits on winamps portables support, as it seems to be happening again and again. Its either my files or winamp, can't seem to avoid it though, why it recopies the same files over and over each time I sync I do not know. It does it once for the session, so 2nd time I hit sync, says all is up to date. Hit eject, eject from windows, reconnect it and hit sync, same thing, re-copy/delete the files.
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Old 16th January 2008, 03:52   #2
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I had a similar problem. I found out that there is a problem with how winamp is able to decode those special characters. Since it uses the information to create the actual file, when winamp finds these special characters in the ID3 tags, it substitutes these with _ instead. But on consecutive syncs, when it compares the file, it compares the the _ to the special character and it thinks that the song is different and always wants to re-sync.

Can't have the following characters:
Basically these are the special char that window will not allow in a file.

Also, no spaces or Periods(.) at the end of the following fields: Artist, Album, Title

If it doesn't sync maybe problems with your Playlist in winamp:
1. Rebuild titles on Selection
2. Remove Dead Files, then verify that the song is still there.
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Old 18th January 2008, 20:18   #3
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I noticed exactly the same problem when syncing with my MTP device.

I think Winamp should substitue the chars before comparing the local ml with the songs on the device.

Plalists which contain files which names are changed when transfering are also empty on the device.
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Old 8th February 2008, 16:40   #4
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Or - and this shouldn't be too difficult to code - simply use the underscore when creating the file, then transfer the actual tag information. At least on my player using the "illegal characters" in the tag isn't a problem, as long as those characters are put back in when the song is sync-ed. I just posted a new thread not knowing about this one, but there's an alright workaround if you want to keep the actual tags the same:
1.) Sync the player
2.) In the player browser, search for "_". That should give you all of the files you need to change. Right click on the songs (or select several at once and then right-click on that selection), and replace the characters with the correct ones.

The process isn't terribly time-consuming and will fix the problem for all files currently on the player.
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Old 10th February 2008, 18:45   #5
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I don't see why it's replacing those characters in the first place. They are all valid characters in those fields, so why are they being replaced?

I mean, what if you happen to be a fan of the music from .hack//SIGN and it's sequels? It's bloody stupid to have to retag your files incorrectly in order to prevent winamp from getting all confused.

It seems to be fairly arbitrary too - some of those characters are being replaced in Artist and Album fields, but not in Title (at least in my case).
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Old 12th July 2008, 06:39   #6
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Hi! I am also having this problem. I have Winamp set up to sync one of my playlists to my mp3 player. When I hit Sync, it wants to re-sync lots of tracks that are already on the device, and many tracks on the device show up under "not in local media library" even though they were all transferred to the device via Winamp.

The problem seems not to be the same as the one pointed out in the post above, because many of the tracks that show up do not have any special characters or extra whitespaces in them.

After using the "Refresh Cache" button in the portable preferences, the list of tracks it wants to re-transfer gets shorter, but there are 4 tracks that always show up.
All of these are stored on my PC in FLAC and have been transcoded to mp3 by Winamp when it was transferring them to the device. Before I used that button, lots of non-FLAC tracks also showed up, most of which had some sort of punctuation in their names.

I can't find anything common about the roughly 30 tracks that consistently show up in the "not in local media library" list.

I would really appreciate a reply. Right now this bug wastes a lot of my time. It takes a good 4 or 5 minutes to transfer a single track through Winamp (simple copy & paste in windows explorer is far faster, so this might be another Winamp bug, but a far less significant one), so it's not an option to just let it re-sync every time, because that would take several hours...
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Old 7th April 2009, 16:41   #7
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This is definitely a problem. I love seamless syncs, but the sync for this seems to not work right. It always wants user input about these files that it can't see as being the same. I've looked at it and it is NOT due to a special character. The bug is apparently standing, and not fixed:

The WORKAROUND is always hit the delete radial. I've found that it doesn't mess with the playlists on the device, and that everything seems ok after the sync. However, the syncs take an incredibly long time hours... The other two options create duplicate files.

I have yet to use anything other than playlist snyc. Given that you have to know what you want on your device by search, and you have to have been rating songs all along I think it's a bad idea for my library.

Truth be told I'm simply waiting for the 32GB microSD's to come out because this will solve all my problems with device sync in general.
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Old 17th April 2009, 05:17   #8
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The problem seems to have gotten worse, if anything.

I just did a sync, and it wants to copy 63 songs over to my portable - all of which are already there.

It also wants to copy 374 songs from the portable to my HD... almost all of those are already there.

It looks like using a question mark in a tag will cause it to not realize the two are the same, and I've got some reason to believe that japanese text in the tags and/or the path/filenames will also confuse it... but it also has problems with files that don't seem to have anything other than plain alphanumeric path, filename and tags.

They probably need to redo the system from scratch. But they won't, because winamp hasn't seen a single significant improvement in years.
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Old 25th May 2009, 19:00   #9
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Is there ever going to be a proper fix for this? I have MANY songs that are affected by this problem. Album name has a ":" or artist ends in a ".", it is annoying. The songs are added to my mp3 player, but NOT TO THE PLAYLIST! So if half my songs on a playlist have an album called "Very Best Of: Greatest Hits" then they aren't transferred onto the new playlist of my mp3 player.
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Old 21st June 2009, 23:10   #10
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The problem seems to happen with the album name. The "Album" name has to be manually altered to be FAT16/32-safe so that Winamp recognizes that an existing copy of the file already exists in the MP3 player.

This sync problem doesn't seem to happen when the "Title" of the song has the unsafe characters -- Winamp seems to handle that well.

I haven't tested unsafe characters with the "Artist" name yet.

My quick and dirty solution is to use Mp3tag to search for all files with ":" or "?" or "/" in the album name, and convert to underscore. It may look ugly in the presentation, but I'm hoping the Winamp devs will fix this problem soon so I can revert the album names back.
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Old 15th November 2011, 18:52   #11
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Sorry if i'm upping an old thread...but this bug still remains for 3 years? o.O isn't solved yet?
Sorry for my english, I'm Italian.
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