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"Generate playlist" crash

Winamp crashes when I try to do [generate playlist]. The report.zip is attached.
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it's a well known issue and there is no fix for it other than to determine which files cause it and exclude them from the library / processing or to just not use the feature at all.

as the crash is in the old Gracenote SDK used by Winamp (as Gracenote don't support the version which is being used) and now that Winamp has been sold, it's pretty certain that Gracenote is going to be used in Winamp by the newer owners and so it's not clear what the state of the playlist generator feature is going to be when a non-AOL version of Winamp is provided.

that's probably not what you're wanting to hear, but it's the best that can be offered for the time being.
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What things cause it to crash? What type of mp3? Can't you just use a TRY EXCEPT (I code in delphi so...) block so that you can at least single out which one causes the crash
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we don't know the specific reason of what in the decoded files causes the issue as it's in code which we cannot see (as it's purely in the Gracenote SDK which was being used) which makes exception handling essentially useless.

as that was one of the first things which was bolstered on our side to try to deal with the issue but it doesn't help, hence it being one of the top crash issues in recent Winamp releases and was outside of our control to fix - other than a re-write to use a new Gracenote SDK (which was not viable at the time the issue was finally determined as the SDK used which crashes had gone EOL 6 months prior).

either way, it doesn't matter now as Gracenote will not be used in future Winamp versions.
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