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Something is wrong with gen_ml.dll or nde.dll

My Winamp, since 2 days ago, started to crash without letting-me even enter it... it automatically says the 'Winamp Crashed' thing... bla bla bla 'send report'... that thing that Windows does every time a program really crashes.

Well, today I decided to find out what's wrong about it.

First, I updated to the latest version... but... still crashing!

Then, I used 'Dependency Walker' of 'Windows Support Tools' that are optionally installed with Windows XP Professional to check if anything was missing or on which file was Winamp crashing. There was some bug on 'thread 2' loading some module on the 'nde.dll' file, located at the Winamp's DIR.

First thing I tried... obviously... move the file somewhere else and check if everything is OK.

Then, Winamp was still crashing, bug now it completely loaded and only crashed after a message telling that the 'nde.dll' was missing (as if I didn't knew that... :P ).

So, I decided to move back the file to Winamp's folder and then looked to which module was loading it, and it was some module inside 'gen_ml.dll'... the Media Library... also in the bug message that appeared after removing the 'nde.dll' refered that Media Library could not work without it.

So, then I went doing the same thing... I moved 'gen_ml.dll' somewhere else and... VOILLA!!!... It's working 100% OK... except... obviously... anything about Media Library as, without that DLL library, it is obviously gone!

So, there is really some bug about the Media Library DLL.

Helpful informations:
I'm using Windows XP Professional SP2
I closed messenger (sometimes there are could be some crazy bug about any messenger 'now playing' plugin... but it's not about that).
Computer: P IV 3.4GHx HT
RAM: 1GB DDR (not sure if it's 1 or 2)
GPU: NVIDIA 6600 256MB
Sound Card: 2x SOUND BLASTER X-FI 'standard' (not the 64MB one)... one of them with the 'frontal connections module'

There's no problem about having 2 identical cards! My computer sometimes likes to go crazy about that, but 99.9% of the times it works 100% OK!!! And so Winamp does!!!
When there is a crash about it it's always: BLUE SCREEN!!! :P ...but that's not the problem now!

Thanks for any future given help and for the time spent reading this! =)
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dependancy walker will show nde.dll as missing even when it's correctly located (so not to worry about that)

as for the crash, it's most likely something to do with ml_local i'd have thought since gen_ml.dll itself doesn't use nde.dll.

if possible and it turns out to be related to ml_local, could you zip up and upload the contents of the ml folder in the plugins directory (eg c:\program files\winamp\plugins\ml - will be different if you've enabled multi-user settings support and can sort that out if needed)

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Well... you just gave me the 'final' tip I needed
It won't be necessary to send you the ML folder.

The tip you gave me is actually about the existence of the ML folder as, before you wrote about it, I didn't even noticed it was there. =)

I just found by myself the bug and fixed it.

It was (and curiously, it was exactly the first idea on my mind after realizing that the bug was about the 'media library') a database error. Some file was played and added to the main.dat incorrectly. Consequently, a but occurred too on the index file, the main.idx. I deleted both so that both were now regenerated. This fixed the possibility of entering Winamp and the Media Library. But after this, there was still one thing bugging Winamp, making it crash down when I hit play (though the music continued to play until I select the 'Not Send' option on the bug report window.

Guess what was bugging???


If the main.dat is damaged, it's much probable that the recent(played files).dat (it's just 'recent.dat') is also damaged!!! If a played file corrupted my general DB, if it was played, so it should also be on the 'recently played' DB. And with the recent.dat, just like the other DB, the recent.idx it's obviously corrupted too!

So, I deleted both 'recent' files too and... VOILLA!! Winamp is Fixed!!!

Yesterday I didn't had much time to think what could be causing the problem. I just wanted to ensure that Winamp could play my music, no matter what was wrong or what could I do to fix. I just wanted to do the enough to make it not be crashing, and that was, as I said, by removing the gen_ml.dll to some other folder than the plugins one which, as it disabled Media Library, of course it solved my main problem.

As I didn't wanted to spend much time (as today I also don't want to... but now I had a tip of how to fix), I hadn't even noticed that there was a folder called ML, where it was where most probably the problem could be.

Something that also made-me curious, about the bug, is that, having 2 computers with exactly the same version of Winamp, why was one crashing and the other not, when the bug is about a simple thing like Media Library?

But I just thought about it after leaving this computer (the bugged one).

Thanks for the small but very useful tip!!! =)

If you still want me to send the main.dat, main.idx, recent.dat and recent.idx files to check what bugged them to prevent future problems, just ask for them here and I'll send them.
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yeah, if you can send/upload those files then there's a chance we should be able to if at best just make sure things don't crash out as people have been having on/off for sometime with corrupt databases.

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(I'm not adding the URL tags just to be sure that the you can see the URL... the link wasn't appearing well)

Those are the bugged files =)


Thanks for the help =)
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tnx alot! I can confirm that this work too.
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Thanks man, that worked for me too. Sweeet.
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i have the same error. and dont use the ml. i only get that the nde.dll is missing on startup. what you u need from me now?
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